Sandeep Pandey

FMCG Sector

I am Sandeep Pandey. I’m employed in the FMCG sector and working in the sales department. I have experience of 12 years in different sectors. Before joining the coaching program with coach Satwinder Singh, things were going up and down, and I was thinking everything is fine as working as an employee, it becomes a habit to accept everything that comes to you, good or bad. Your bosses make you feel that you are nothing and you are destined to work for them, and I started believing that.
But after joining the program, I came to know that there are a lot of things, which I need to explore in my life. Earlier I had become purposeless and aimless, there was no clarity. Now I have got the clarity of what I want in my life, what I need to do. I have set new goals for myself and I am working passionately towards achieving the same. 
One of the major breakthroughs for me was to know about my inner core personality that I am a GIVER, a HELPER by nature. And I love to help everyone without any reason. But because of that people around me started using me. They were taking disadvantage of my nature and I was unaware of that. But now I know what exactly I mean to do. I have put some limitations on myself. It doesn’t mean that I have stopped helping others, I still do the same a lot but without getting exploited. Now I am very happy. It helped me to balance my personal and professional life. I am able to give more time to my family, friends, and relatives. And more importantly, I give myself a good time every week, which was missing earlier. It has completely changed my way of thinking. 
As Mr. Satwinder Singh says, become a leader of your life, don’t spend your life, rather live it. So now I am actually living my life, earlier I was just spending it. 


Dr. Yadvinder Kumar

XYZ Company


I had certain plans in life and one of these was to become a successful Entrepreneur. Bud had no clarity about, how to take things forward and in which manner. After joining the course, I was able to figure out what is that I want to do and what is important to me. Got good clarity about the things and figured out the right approach to go for them. I got started on my entrepreneur journey, where earlier I was stuck & wondered what to do? Whether to go for it or not?
‘An idea is just a wish without action’. The coaching program by Mr. Satwinder Singh gives you direction to be actionable. Putting my thoughts or ideas on paper, prioritizing things, and taking actions accordingly have helped me achieve my outcomes. I learned about prioritizing things as per their requirements, which was one of my pain areas.
One of the best parts of the course was to know, “WHO I AM”, what my inner personality says, what are the factors hindering and limiting my performance, and how we can overcome them. It made me unstoppable.
Overall going through the whole course was a great learning process. It’s real value for money. Due to the benefits, I got out of it, now I am also a part of his ‘The Incredible Leader’ mastermind group.
Coach Satwinder Singh was fantastic; he made great efforts to help me actually get the results. Big thanks to him.


Varun Luthra

Company Name


I am Varun Luthra. I have worked in an IT company for 13 years. Despite my IT career being very successful, I was not enjoying that work and wanted to do more. I had plans to leave my job for a long and start my own business but didn’t have the courage to take action. 
After going through the coaching program with Mr. Satwinder Singh, I learned that it was primarily due to the lack of clarity and due to certain limiting beliefs which I had formed about myself and about succeeding as an entrepreneur.
One of my major breakthroughs was to understand my core values, my baselines. That session wherein I found my core values and how these affect everything I do, blew my mind and I got so excited that couldn’t sleep that night. Keeping my life aligned to my baselines has brought more happiness to my life.
Another big breakthrough that changed me completely was to understand my negative inner coding and limiting beliefs and learning how to change it to empowering beliefs. I worked on my N-Codes, observed why, when, and how they occurred, and changed these consciously into E-Codes. It was not about positive and negative thinking, it was something different. My coach gave me proper practical steps to eliminate all these N-Codes and become a new version of myself. 
I find a very strong passion and dedication for coaching within Mr. Satwinder Singh. He explains things so well, listens very patiently, and understands your concerns & pain areas in the very first meeting. The most important thing, I must say the best thing is that he provides you perfectly fitting live examples which match your current situation and you can visualize and figure out your ways to do things swiftly & immediately. I wish I had found him much earlier.


Gurmeet Singh

Company Name


I am Gurmeet Singh. After doing my Mechanical Engineering, I never took up a job as I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I started helping my father in the farming business with the hope that in parallel I would build my business empire. But after having tried few businesses, I had given up and gone into a self-sabotaging mode that I was good for nothing. 
When I learned about the coaching program from Mr. Satwinder Singh and learned how it works, I found some hope. But I was skeptical. 
When I went through the program, two things brought a major change in my mindset. First I learned that I was doing things that were not in alignment with my core values. Secondly that due to past bad experiences I had formed a limiting belief about myself ‘that I could never succeed in business. My coach helped me sort out these things, and I was back on track to starting a new business.
Another issue I faced was that I didn’t set practical and realistic goals for myself, and I could not remain consistent in doing the works to achieve the same. Every now and then I would stop due to one reason or another. My coach helped me to figure out why that was happening and what to do to check the same. My overall happiness has increased since I joined the course.
Since consistency in action has been my challenge, I am part of his Mastermind Group ‘The Incredible Leader’ and not looking back. Thanks to Satwinder Singh Ji for helping me sort out my life.