About Coach Satwinder Singh Bhartiya

Mr. Satwinder Singh Bhartiya is a Life Coach, Business Mentor and an Action Coach. He is an Author & a Motivational Speaker with over 12 years of industry experience.

As a personal coach, he helps entrepreneurs to grow & succeed in their business & remain happy in their life through clarity, action & inner mastery. He helps you to resolve your personal & business challenges enabling you to achieve the major goals of your business & life.

As a corporate coach, he helps businesses to resolve employees related challenges and enhance employees’ performance & skills through his various employees management & performance enhancement programs.

He is the founder & CEO of ‘The Incredible Leader’ coaching & training company based at Tricity Chandigarh, India. He has authored the book ‘Incredible Life Leader’.


It’s Satwinder Singh’s mission to provide tools and strategies that every individual & entrepreneur needs to take their life & business to the next level. He helps you gain clarity, get rid of your limiting beliefs, gain confidence, remain in great emotional state, enhance your performance & take regular action to achieve extraordinary success.

He has impacted thousands of lives and has a mission to help 1 million people to excel in their life.


Satwinder Singh has worked with many entrepreneurs, business leaders, CEOs and VIPs and has helped them strike a balance between their life and work, manage time, grow and scale their business by helping them resolve specific challenges in their business & personal life. He has helped them to get into consistent action zone to achieve their major goals & dreams in life.

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Personal Coaching Programs


‘Personal Mastery’ coaching program helps you to grow and succeed in your business & life by helping you enhance your performance & overcome your specific personal challenges.

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‘Action Mastery’ coaching program helps you to remain in action zone. It helps you to take consistent action for achieving your goals & dreams in life.

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Corporate Coaching Programs

Great Workplace Environment ​

‘Great Workplace Environment’ coaching program helps companies to create better working environment at workplace by building great relations among employees.

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Advance Employees Management & Hiring System

Advance Employees Management & Hiring System Helps companies to handle / manage their present employees much more effectively and hire better new employees using unique & advance tools.

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The Incredible Leader ​

‘The Incredible Leader’ coaching program helps companies to develop effective leaders by building their leadership character & skills.

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Enhanced Workplace Productivity

‘Enhanced Workplace Productivity’ coaching program helps employees to become more productive, effective & efficient at work.

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Incredible Life Leader

The book ‘Incredible Life Leader’ is a guide to help you live an incredible life which is meaningful, purposeful, successful, fulfilling, happy, and inspiring. It talks about how to trespass the 05 steps where people generally get stuck, and things that stop them from becoming the leader of their incredible life.