Our Sales Training Programs


Helping You Develop Incredible Sales Team

How It Helps:

“Incredible Sales” corporate training program helps you in enhancing the sales skills of your team, helping them become more confident and equipped to handle clients and close more deals.

It helps them to develop the core characteristics and mindset required by sales professionals and develops better work culture and ethics.

It helps them to learn the necessary aspects of the sales process viz. rapport building, prospects qualifying, needs/problems identification, pitching the offer, objection handling, deal closing, follow up, follow through, prospects tracking, up-sell, down-sell etc.

The trainings are customized to suit your industry & organisation specific needs.


● Develops sales mindset and characteristics in sales team
● Develops essential sales skills in employees
● Develops proper work culture that gives better results in sales
● Helps them learn all the aspects of the sales process
● Helps increase confidence and conviction of your sales team
● Helps increase the conversions and thus company revenue


The standard program has 12 sessions. The program will be customized to suit the needs of your organization.


Helping You Build A Strong Sales System

How It Helps:

Under the sales consultancy service we help you to build and strengthen your sales system and process in order to get better results.

Many times your sales teams put their best efforts but they still get average results. This may be due to the ineffective and inefficient sales process of yours.

In this, we help you build/enhance your sales strategy, structure your offers and better your value proposition etc, resulting in better results for the same input by your sales team.

We also help you optimize your sales teams based on their strengths and inherent traits so that you have the best sales people working for you.


● Improvement in sales strategy and process
● Betterment in sales offers and value proposition
● Improvement in conversions
● Increase in revenue
● Reduction in efforts for the same output
● Improvement in lead generation


The duration depends upon the scope of work.