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About Coach Satwinder Singh Bhartiya

Mr. Satwinder Singh Bhartiya is a Life Coach, Business Mentor and an Action Coach. He is an Author & a Motivational Speaker with over 12 years of industry experience.

As a personal coach, he helps entrepreneurs to grow & succeed in their business & remain happy in their life through clarity, action & inner mastery. He helps you to resolve your personal & business challenges enabling you to achieve the major goals of your business & life.

As a corporate coach, he helps businesses to resolve employees related challenges and enhance employees’ performance & skills through his various employees management & performance enhancement programs.

He is the founder & CEO of ‘The Incredible Leader’ coaching & training company based at Tricity Chandigarh, India. He has authored the book ‘Incredible Life Leader’.

Satwinder Singh’s Association with Arfeen Khan

Satwinder Singh is associated with Arfeen Khan, who is among the world’s top Life Coaches and is Life Coach for various celebrities like Bollywood Stars, CEOs, Industrialists & Businessmen. Arfeen Khan has coached over 6,50,000 people in 49 countries in last 27 years.

Satwinder Singh uses the same life coaching system as Arfeen Khan uses with his top clients which is ICF Certified.

Professional Background:

Prior to becoming an Action & Life Coach, he had a very successful corporate career. He has worked in 03 corporate companies in purchase and project management for 10 years and has held various leadership positions in young age. He has handled big responsibilities all throughout his career, got early promotions, good increments and a handsome salary. He has lead many projects and got those to completion successfully. He holds a B. Tech Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Army Institute of Technology (Pune University) which is one of the top institutes under Pune University. He had cleared the SSB Interview for Indian Navy which is considered to be one of the toughest leadership test interview to enter into Indian Armed Forces. Studied from Army Schools, he has been excellent at academics and has held leadership positions even during the academic years like class representative, head boy, placement representative etc.

The Transition – How He Became a Coach?

After having spent 10 years in corporate, he was figuring out a way in which he could contribute to the life of other people in a considerable and significant way. After coming in contact with Arfeen Khan, he realized the impact and contribution Arfeen is making in the lives of other people practically & effortlessly. He explored his core values & vision and thus decided to become a coach in order to help people ‘achieve and live a successful, happy, fulfilling, inspiring and incredible life and help them become leaders of their life and leaders of the society’.

His Life Story:

I believe, everyone is born with a purpose; every living creature on this earth. Everything on this planet, living or non-living serves a purpose.

Let’s listen to the same in his own words:

I believe, everyone is born with a purpose; every living creature on this earth. Everything on this planet, living or non-living serves a purpose.

But what is my purpose? What is the real persistence of my life?

When I was ten years old kid (also known as a golden age when one enjoys all bounties of life), imagination was taking wings and my never-ending queries of when, how, why distracted everyone. However, this one particular question regarding the purpose of my life used to puzzle me the most and as I grew older, I wondered if my life was all about eating, earning for livelihood, getting married and raising a kid and get then getting them to follow the same. Or was there more out in this world for me to absorb and cherish.

What exactly it could be and how do I find out? And what is the guarantee that whatever I figure out would be the real purpose of my life? What if it turned out to be a momentary impression? Is there any mechanism to find it out accurately?

I kept on searching answers for years. But at least one thing was clear to me that the clarity of one’s purpose is what drives people to do great things in life and become great personalities of this world. Those who live their life without an ultimate purpose end up living an average and mundane life.

With age, my choices kept on altering. From aiming to become a doctor to a mathematician, a scientist and then convincing to be an engineer, IAS officer, army officer, businessperson and with no surprises, of course, the president of India. My thoughts kept me moving but none of these gave me a sense of satisfaction and conviction.

Going with the flow of life, listening to others and what felt more practical, I choose to be a mechanical engineer and started earning my livelihood with the hope that one day I would find my life’s purpose. Eventually, I would quit my job and set myself on the path of fulfilling the ultimate aim of my life. However, when life started going smooth, I stopped drifting to such thoughts.

Bigger opportunities, family responsibilities, quick promotions, good increments and handsome salary had put a blindfold on the bigger picture.

At the outset of my thirties, after having spent 10 good years in the job, a series of incidents at my company made me ask that same question again:

“Is this what I am going to do all my life?

Little did I know that this question is going to haunt me until I had set myself on the real path of my destiny? Tough times do sometime come into our lives just to give us an important lesson and realization.

After giving serious thought, I quit my job and took the decision that I would do things differently and spend more time figuring out what I want in this life.

When you make a decision, burn the boats and bridges to go back behind, the universe does send to you a torch to guide your path to glory & greatness.

Such was the case when I incidentally stumbled upon a life coaching program. Immediately, I felt attracted. It felt like I was holding the pieces of my life’s jigsaw puzzle and couldn’t fit them into a picture but now I was about to.

It gave me insights on who I am, what my driving forces are that makes me take actions. What motivates me to keep going and what can hold me back. How I can get contentment and take rightful decisions, dream realistically and stay unaffected from the negative incidents or people. There is so much more and now as a Life Coach & Motivational Speaker, I can say this with conviction my confusion is a passé because I have full clarity on the purpose of my life.

I feel that the self-discovery is the real essence of this course, having understood my top inner need that is ‘contribution & helpfulness’, I resonated with the purpose. After having such blissful realization, I recognized the ‘life coach’ in me. Therefore, I, now contribute to people’s life by helping them become a leader of their life by taking control of their career and other aspects of their life and thus live an incredible as well as fulfilling life.

After having spent a good portion of my life moving with no or little clarity, I finally have the clarity of myself, my goals, and the purpose of life. And the best thing is I know why I am doing, what I am doing.

I have set myself on my path now. Henceforth, the question now I ask is:

Have you chosen your path?

I strongly affirm that Clarity is power. The clearer you are about what you want, the more likely you are to get transformed, excel & do great things in life.